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Offers, Deals & Incentives

Offers, Deals & Incentives...Posted by David Assinder Tue, September 08, 2015 09:20:43

'Pay for 2' discount...
When you pay for 2 massage or holistic treatments in advance, a discount on the full treatment price is available. Applies if you bring/treat a friend too!

Website link discount...
Get your business or organisation to create a recommendation link to the Well Naturally website, and your staff/colleagues will get a 10% discount on their first treatment.

Introduce a friend discount...
Current clients can introduce a friend or buy them a voucher at a discount of 10% off the full treatment price.

30-minute taster appointments... £25
Not sure which therapy to try? Book a 30-minute taster appointment to discuss your issues, and to find out how we can help. A focused practical treatment is included.

'Follow' us and 'Like' us on Facebook
10% off first treatment. Please email well.naturally@yahoo.co.uk for an invitation.

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Feel-good Photo Share...

Photo Gallery / SharePosted by David Assinder Sun, September 06, 2015 17:55:24

'A picture paints a thousand words', and can evoke strongly positive feelings.
I thought it might be a nice idea to share some of my better ones with you.

To view them click this link: http://photos.well-naturally.co.uk/#!album-0

If you have any gorgeous nature photos, and would be happy to share, please email them to me and I can Include them in the Well Naturally gallery!

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David's Blog...

David's Blog...Posted by David Assinder Sun, September 06, 2015 08:40:58

I decided to indulge myself and create a post just for me & my thoughts etc, to give an idea of where I'm at... so to speak.
Please feel free to say hello or comment!
David @ Well Naturally­čśâ

My friend and colleague Linda Jacobs represented us at the FHT annual awards in Stratford where won a 'Hightly Commended' award as co-ordinators of the South Birmingham FHT local support group. It's good to get some recognition for all the effort that Linda particularly puts in. It's the first trophy I've ever won!
The picture is of glass against a black background to show the engraving...

FHT meetings in Kings Heath...
All are welcome to come to our bi-monthly Federation of Holistic Therapy meetings in Kings Heath, where we have speakers on various wellbeing topics.
Please contact me by email for details of upcoming dates & events at:


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News...Posted by David Assinder Sun, August 23, 2015 10:12:20

Marathon Season...
With Marathons and more modest running events always somewhere on the horizon, why not get help to prepare, and treat your weary legs to a training massage or two? An hour appointment allows for a really comprehensive treatment.

Well-being Event at the University of Birmingham Medical School...
This event which was postponed late last year due to flooding at the venue will now take place on Tuesday 22nd March. Staff will be able to get a short stress-buster massage with Phil or myself absolutely free!

David & Phil at last year's event

Early & Late appointments available...
Need a treatment before 9AM, or late after 6.30PM, or Sunday? Just ask and we will try to accommodate you. Please note, an unsociable hours premium may apply.

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FAQs & Answers

Frequently Asked QuestionsPosted by David Assinder Wed, February 04, 2015 12:09:24

How many treatments will I need? At well naturally we attempt to resolve your issues as quickly as possible. As each individual is different, the number of sessions required will depend upon your response to treatment.

Can everyone be treated? Prior to a booking being taken, prospective clients will be prescreened to find out if they have any conditions which may make treatment unsuitable. In some circumstances treatment will be fine as long as there is GP or specialist consent. You will be advised regarding this.

How will I know the therapist is qualified and insured? At well naturally, we will be happy to provide you with any information you require regarding your therapist's qualifications, affiliations to regulatory bodies and professional associations, and insurance cover.

Where can I park? There is easy roadside parking adjacent to the Well Naturally practice.

What should I wear? It is best to wear casual clothing for massage treatments, just in case they come into contact with any massage oil. For Indian head massage, wearing a T-shirt is preferred.

Are there any discounts available? Where a clients books for a further treatment immediately subsequent to their treatment, a 'regular client discount' is available, please ask. The discount applies to sports massage and holistic treatments only.

How can I pay? It is possible to pay in advance of your treatments by credit or debit card, however, when you pay after your treatment, we ask for cash or check.

N.B. Please ask your question(s) in the 'Ask Us / How can we help?' section below.

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ASK US / How can we help?

Ask your questionsPosted by David Assinder Mon, February 02, 2015 07:59:56

Please click the 'Comments' link below to ask your question, or contact David by phone on: 0121 444 5814 / 07812 773 505 or email well.naturally@yahoo.co.uk

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