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David's Blog...

David's Blog...Posted by David Assinder Sun, September 06, 2015 08:40:58

I decided to indulge myself and create a post just for me & my thoughts etc, to give an idea of where I'm at... so to speak.
Please feel free to say hello or comment!
David @ Well Naturally­čśâ

My friend and colleague Linda Jacobs represented us at the FHT annual awards in Stratford where won a 'Hightly Commended' award as co-ordinators of the South Birmingham FHT local support group. It's good to get some recognition for all the effort that Linda particularly puts in. It's the first trophy I've ever won!
The picture is of glass against a black background to show the engraving...

FHT meetings in Kings Heath...
All are welcome to come to our bi-monthly Federation of Holistic Therapy meetings in Kings Heath, where we have speakers on various wellbeing topics.
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